Kale (curly) | Bunch


Kale (curly) | Bunch

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20 ​Health Benefits of Kale​

1. Kale is Packed With Nutrients
​2. Kale Has Potent Antioxidants
​3. Eating Kale Can Help You Manage Your Cholesterol
​4. Kale Can Keep You From Getting Sick
​5. Kale Can Lower Your Risk of Cancer
​6. Kale Contains High Levels of Vitamin K
​7. Kale May Lower Your Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease
​8. Kale Contains A Safe Type of Vitamin A
​9. Kale May Aid in Weight Loss
​10. Kale is Good For Your Eyes
​11. Kale can help detoxify your body.
​12. Kale has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
13. Kale is rich in folate.
​14. Eating kale regularly can help protect your brain health.
​15. Consuming kale is good for fortifying your bones.
​16. Kale can protect your DNA.
​17. Improve the appearance and health of your hair and skin.
​18. Kale contains an ample helping of manganese.
​19. Kale provides you with potassium.
​20. Kale can help to fight depression.
​Are There Any Reasons Not to Eat Kale?
​Buying and Storing Kale

​A Few Simple Kale Recipes
1. Garlic Kale
2. Kale and Strawberry Smoothie
3. Baked Kale Chips

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